Our Program- Daycare and Preschool in Burnsville.

Infants - 6 weeks to 15 months

Parent’s Choice for Kids is licensed for 16 infants with a maximum 1:4 ratio.

Our program offers a fun and stimulating day for your little one. Interesting surroundings, objects to observe and manipulate, songs and conversation and a positive relationship with our caring staff arouse cognitive, physical and social awareness.

Parent’s Choice for Kids is licensed for total of 28 toddlers. Including the following:

Young toddlers -16 to 23 months

14 toddlers with a maximum 1:7 ratio

Our toddlers begin to learn to work and play with others. Communicating, expressing needs, sharing, and taking turns are all life skills that will be developed and fostered.

Older toddlers - 24 to 32 months

14 toddlers with a maximum 1:7 ratio

As children begin to master important people skills, they are ready to move into our older toddler group where they can be challenged academically (with books, pictures, puzzles and music) and physically (with time and space for running, jumping and dancing).

Preschool - 33 months until First Day of Kindergarten

Parent’s Choice for Kids is licensed for 45 preschoolers with a maximum 1:10 ratio

Our preschool program offers different classes to challenge your child as he or she grows and develops. Our curriculum for three-year-old children will emphasize language, activity and movement, with major emphasis on large motor development.

Four-year-old children will enjoy a greater variety of experiences and focus more on small motor activities. They will begin to develop basic math concepts and problem-solving skills. Our four and five year old children will be offered a print-rich environment for developing language and literacy skills.

School Age - Kindergarten and older

Parent’s Choice for Kids is licensed for 10 school-age children.

Children are offered a structured environment in which they develop and learn. Games with rules aid in the development of social and problem-solving skills. Hands-on activities, experimentation and books encourage cognitive growth. Play space and organized games give children the opportunity to develop physically. Teachers are also available to help students get started on any homework.

Parent's Choice 4 Kids Daycare & Preschool in Burnsville