Parent's Choice 4 Kids Daycare & Preschool in Burnsville


School-Age Summer Camp

 Where fun and learning go hand in hand!
Weekly Themes        
World Travelers            
This week we will explore different parts of the world and learn about  cultures, geography and foreign languages. Parlez-vous français?  
Weird Science            
Weird Science week will focus on fun science experiments. During this week, campers will have an opportunity to create their own science project and demonstrate the project to their peers. Is your child the next Einstein?
Summer campers will tap into their inner artist by creating paintings  and experiencing other artistic mediums. We will learn about historical figures like Picasso and Mozart.             ·     
Wild West            
This week will take campers back in time to explore the Wild West. We will learn about cowboys and how people lived during this era. Giddy up!           
Creative Writing            
Our campers will create short stories that will focus on learning proper writing techniques and literary skills. Campers will end the week by presenting their stories to their class.      
Drama week will give campers the opportunity to learn about drama and plays. This week campers will have an opportunity to act in a short play. Exit stage left.  
Summer Olympics          
This week will allow campers to participate in Olympic Games including running, long  jump, and gymnastics. Do we have a future Olympian in our midst?            
Healthy Eating & Cooking            
Our campers will plan and design a menu this week that focuses on healthy eating habits. They will plan their menu, grocery shop for their food, develop a spending budget and make the meal.  Bon Appetit!        
Presidents/ Historical Figures         
Presidents Week will teach us about former and current presidents. We will learn concepts about government and influential historical leaders. We will also learn about America, democracy and freedom. God Bless America.       
Nature Week           
We will go on adventures to observe nature. We will learn about respecting the earth and all of nature’s creatures.  We will study ecosystems and do a service project in our community.  
Animal Week            
This week will be a fun-filled week where we learn about many different types of animals. We will have visitors come and show us animals and we will be provided with opportunities for hands-on learning.  
Fitness Week            
This week will focus on why it is important to have a healthy mind and body. We will learn about exercise and fitness skills that we will  practice throughout the week.    
Some highlights include: ·         Field trips ·         Guest speakers ·         Improved literacy ·         Leadership ·         Conflict resolution ·         Reading and writing enrichment ·         Daily organized physical activity/ sports ·         Character development Computer skills